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Our Current Brands

Embark on a visual journey through Doubletriggs' past and current work— a blend of creativity, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. From timeless classics to cutting-edge brands, our portfolio reflects the artistry that defines us.

A - Z
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Started as a distributor for the Benelux as of December 2022. Successfully initiated operations in Belgium with INNO this year. Established marketing activities in-store and through a PR agency to enhance brand awareness. In the Netherlands, we will commence operations with a major Beauty retailer in the upcoming spring.


Started in 2019, initially focusing solely on the Dutch market. Established collaborations with de Bijenkorf, Douglas, and Kappe (Schiphol). Additionally, set up comprehensive marketing activities for the Netherlands and allocated budgets annually for follow-up.


Pepe Jeans

Added to our portfolio for the Benelux in 2019. Partnered with various major retailers, exclusively available at Douglas in the Netherlands and at INNO and Di in Belgium. Tailor marketing activities annually for each partner, combining digital campaigns and PR activities.


We had this brand in our portfolio from 2014 to 2016 for the entire Benelux region, collaborating with major retail partners. The brand was off the market for a few years. Since 2022, a new license owner has expressed interest in rekindling our partnership for the Benelux, based on past successes. The market is ready, and we will reintroduce Replay starting in 2024. We plan to enhance the brand's visibility across the entire Benelux region with the right Beauty partners. We will fill in the brand positioning, combined with marketing expressions and activities.

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Revox B77

We will commence this initiative in 2024, starting with Luxembourg and the Netherlands initially, with Belgium to be added later. Our goal is to establish the market for Revox by partnering with the right collaborators and utilizing a comprehensive approach that encompasses all marketing facets.

Woman’ secret

We started this in 2021 and are responsible for the entire Benelux, supporting and positioning the brand in all aspects. Our current partners include Douglas, Di, and new partners are planned for 2024.

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