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Our Past Licensing Brands

Embark on a visual journey through Doubletriggs' past and current work— a blend of creativity, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. From timeless classics to cutting-edge brands, our portfolio reflects the artistry that defines us.

A - Z

DJ Hardwell

We believed in a DJ perfume, and Hardwell was the biggest in his genre at the time. Contacted his management in 2016, and they were open to the idea. Guided them in this venture, where we handled all the design work and concept development ourselves. With their approval, we initiated production. Launched in 2017 at Douglas, during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event), as an exclusive brand.


Contacted the owners of the brand in 2014. Subsequently, developed a perfume concept in consultation with them and positioned it internationally with major beauty retail chains.

dunlop parfum.jpg
Scherm­afbeelding 2023-12-28 om 09.17.22.png

Scotch & Soda

Through our network, we became acquainted with the CEO in 2019. Following extensive discussions with their design team and CEO, a concept was developed. This was complemented by a comprehensive sales plan strategy. Subsequently, the entire concept was introduced to the market.

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