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Our Past Distribution Brands

Embark on a visual journey through Doubletriggs' past and current work— a blend of creativity, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. From timeless classics to cutting-edge brands, our portfolio reflects the artistry that defines us.

A - Z

CR/ Ronaldo

In 2021, we picked up this brand for the Benelux. It was very successfully positioned at various beauty retailers and drugstores. During the European Football Championship, we implemented attractive Gift With Purchase (GWP) and marketing activities, resulting in strong brand performance.

Schermafbeelding 2021-01-27 om 16.55.57.png
Key Visual Esprit.png


Started in the Benelux in 2017 after it was licensed out by Coty. It became a very successful and prominent brand in the Benelux. We managed to sustain this success for several years through the right coordination of marketing activities and media, along with collaborations with various major retail partners.

One Direction

This occurred in 2013 and was a massive launch with fantastic sales across all major retail partners. Our marketing efforts were extensive, although it was hardly necessary. The brand took off on its own, making for a remarkable experience.

police parfum_2_edited.jpg


We started this in 2011 and exclusively placed it with Douglas. It became their best-selling exclusive brand for two consecutive years. This success was achieved in conjunction with a robust marketing strategy.


In 2020, we were involved and had it for the Benelux. Here, we established a strong distribution with high-end retail partners along with an appropriate marketing plan tailored to the brand. Collaborations with Porsche centers allowed us to plan successful activities.

475x400px Search visual LABEAU.jpeg
parfum rihanna.jpg


Took place in 2012, and it was a massive launch with fantastic sales through our exclusive partner, Douglas. Marketing campaigns featuring the brand were well-received, and we actively engaged in the market to increase sales.

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